Deep cleaning face steamer
Deep cleaning face steamer

Deep cleaning face steamer

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  • Made from environmentally friendly material
  • Softens dirt and oil
  • 150 ° elevation design
  • Portable handle with one-button opening function for easy use
  • 100ml large-capacity water tank allows spray time for up to 9 minutes 
  • Negative ionized water molecules deeply moisturizes pores and creates delicate and comfortable temperatures 
  • Add essential oils and enjoy aromatherapy

  1. Fill up tank with Water only
  2. Insert water tank back into Steamer
  3. Connect plug into power outlet
  4. Turn on steamer and let each pore be fully moisturized and stretched
  5. Enjoy 9 minutes of rejuvenation all at the comfort of your home 
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Stimulates vitality
  • Releases trapped excessive dust, oil, and dirt
  • Allows skin to absorb products up to 20x deeper
  • Reduces appearance of pores and allows skin to breathe
  • Eliminates acne causing bacteria cells and blackheads
  • Increases hydration
  • Designed to assist with exfoliation, skin rejuvenation & spot cleansing
  • Provides same results as microdermabrasion treatments
  • Skin remains fresh, smooth and hydrated



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