Electric Silicone Face Brush
Electric Silicone Face Brush

Electric Silicone Face Brush

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Silicone Face Brush
Using washcloths and scrubs can be harmful to your skin and create irritation. Using a silicone brush decreases irritation and inflammation with its soft bristles

Product Description 

Use at the beginning of your daily routine.  After cleansing, use vibration and hot compress modes to effectively promote the introduction and absorption of skin care products. Apply any product of your choice. It will absorb into the skin deeper for better results. 

  • Silica gel design
  • Ultra-hygienic silicone head
  • USB Standing Base 
  • USB charging
  • Multifunctional: Beauty instrument / Facial cleanser / Induction instrument
  • Water-proof: Perfect for shower use
  • Sound waves vibrate and deeply cleans skin, removes dust, grease, and cosmetics residues 
  • Eliminates acne, blackheads, and bumps
  • Promotes clean healthy skin and allergy resistance
  • 113℉ constant temperature hot compress. Warm massages open pores and allows skin products to fully absorb nutrition
  • Stimulates face blood circulation
  • Promotes collagen production
  • Discharges toxins
  • Recovers brightness
  • Micro vibration massage stimulates and accelerates blood circulation in the face
  • Pores of sweat glands relax and breathe freely


4 Photon and light wave irradiation modes:

RED: Fades dark spots and calms skin
BLUE: Relaxes skin for easy cleaning
YELLOW: Shines and shrinks pores
INFARED: Tenderizes skin



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